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Top Dog Academy Services

For best results from any of our programs you will need:-

  1. Your dog on a flat collar and lead (not a chained collar  or harness)
  2. Plenty of your dog’s favourite treats in very small portions
  3. Certificate of current vaccination



Puppy Obedience

5 hours over 4 weeks – Cost $39.00 per hour   TOTAL COST OF PROGRAM $195.00

Week 1 runs for 2 hours & then 1 hr per week thereafter

Puppy Obedience is offered to all pups from 8 weeks to 16 weeks old and is conducted in a group situation with a maximum of 8 handlers / pups per class.

This is a great way to start the socialising process with your pup during the critical period of its life in a safe environment using motivational games and positive playtime!

Learn how to train your pup to be confident and independent using positive reinforcement. You will gain valuable information on introducing puppy to a new home, leadership, toilet training, food aggression, nipping and biting along with the skills to teach your pup to be reliable in Sit, Drop, Come, Stand, Heel, Give & Leave.

Classes are held every Saturday morning.

Bookings are essential.


Group Obedience

6 week course (1 hr per week) – Cost $48.00 per hour TOTAL COST OF PROGRAM $290.00 

This program is for dogs 16 weeks + and is conducted in a group situation with a maximum of 8 handlers/dogs per class.

You will learn how to communicate with your dog and build a relationship based on trust and confidence. You will learn how to teach your dog to become reliable in sit, drop, come, stand, lose lead walking, give, leave and on your bed using a positive reinforcement technique. You will also reap the benefits of positive socialisation and motivational exercises in a safe environment. (Dogs are on lead at all times.)

When you have graduated from this program you will be eligibility for ongoing fun at “Advanced/Agility” training using tunnels, jumps, weaving poles, sea saw, mentally stimulating complex tricks an skills & “Beach Games” with Top Dog Academy.

Classes are held Saturday mornings and Wednesday afternoons at Bogangar Public School, 123-147 Tweed Coast Rd.

Bookings are essential.



1 hr per week - Cost is $150.00 for 10 prepaid visits (ie $15.00per visit) OR $20.00 per casual visit

Advanced/Agility  obedience is offered to all handlers who have graduated at Top Dog Academy’s Puppy Obedience program or 6 week Group Obedience program.

This will give you the opportunity to develop your handling skills further using basic commands and / or stimulate & socialise your dog in a safe and secure environment.

Jumps, weaving poles, sea saw, tunnel, A-Frame, pause table, etc. and now flyball combined with agility equipment is also available. We play fun, motivational exercises, games & teach complex tricks & skills.

Classes are held Wednesday evenings at Bogangar Public School, 123-147 Tweed Coast Rd.

Bookings are not essential. Simply turn up.


Socialising and Walking Groups

Wednesday & Thursday morning in Kingscliff - 2 hrs per session includes café etiquette

Saturday morning at Bogangar Public School Cabarita Beach – 1 hr per session.

It costs $135.00 for 9 prepaid visits (ie$15.00 per visit), $20.00 per casual visit (pay as you go) when you have graduated from puppy obedience, group obedience or introduction to obedience training, otherwise it costs $35.00 per visit.

A loyalty program is available; you pay for 9 visits and get the 10th visit for free!

The objective of the socialising and walking group is to:-

  • Socialise your dog in a safe environment. (One dog per handler and on lead at all times.)
  • Maintain your handling skills.
  • Address “loose” lead walking.
  • Modify anti-social behaviours eg: dog to dog aggression, dog to people aggression, etc
  • Increase your dog’s obedience levels to become reliable in basic commands such as focus, sit, drop, come, stand, heel, leave.
  • Teach your dog café etiquette.

Wednesday walking group starts at 8.30 am and Thursday walking group starts at 8.00 am. We meet in Marine Pde Kingscliff (the grass area to the right of Cudgen surf lifesaving club)

We walk approx. 30 min. to an appropriate area and complete obedience/socialising exercises for 40 min., then we walk back to our starting point in Marine Pde where you can purchase refreshment.

It is recommended to bring rewards (eg: food treats/ball/toy etc.), a towel for after beach sessions, a mat and a long lead.

This is a great opportunity to meet like minded people who love dogs.

Bookings essential.


Private Lessons

Minimum 1.5 hrs - $350.00 & every additional ½ hour $50.00

A comprehensive assessment will be completed on you and your dog in the privacy of your own home to address specific problematic behaviour. Eg: dominance, jumping, digging, separation anxiety, etc. This will enable us to tailor a training or behaviour modification program to meet your needs.

Please note, travel costs will be additional if greater than 20klm from Kingscliff NSW.

Bookings are essential.


Stay, Play & Train

This is an overnight care & training service.  Call with your requirements for an accurate quote. Existing Top Dog Academy clients will benefit from a discounted rate.

Our objective at Top Dog Academy is always to strive for happy, obedient dogs that are mentally & physically stimulated so they are a pleasure to be included as family!

With this in mind, Top Dog Academy is offering a NEW service to assist handlers/families achieve this.

Stay, play & train caters for overnight visits and offers your dog

  • Exclusive care
  • A safe & secure environment, sleeping indoors.
  • Motivational games/play
  • Mentally stimulating enrichment toys
  • Treats, beef/pigs ears, chicken necks/wings
  • Training – tailored to your request
  • Socialisation with Top Dog pets
  • Beach walks/swim
  • Top Dog training classes (if in care at the time) at no extra cost
  • They can rest with you when they get home!


All you need to provide is a current vaccination certificate on check in, bedding, food, drop off & pick up.

We look forward to catering for your dogs stay soon.

Bookings are essential.
































































































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